CashOut Calls Chief Keef a Fraud, Says ‘He Not About That’

Chicago rapper CashOut spoke against the persona Interscope artist Chief Keef is portraying in the Hip Hop music scene. CashOut, who hails from the St. Lawrence area of the South Side, is setting out to expose the real Chief Keef.

CashOut said in an interview that Chief Keef is “not about” what he raps about.

“That’s cool for you to rap about it. They put some nice beats to it. He got a nice promotion team and they pushing what he doing. I respect that; I can’t take that from him,” he said. “If you can trick somebody and con somebody in doing what you need them to do, that’s fine and dandy.”

CashOut chose to verbally assault Chief Keef for claiming a false image he knows nothing about.

“I ain’t saw a video yet with Keef in the hood that he rap about,” CashOut said. “That’s fact.

“He [Chief Keef] 17 years old. I see ni**as that age everyday; I see ni**as younger who really out there, who really gotta go from A to B with a gun everyday. That’s not Keef.

“I don’t even know where he got the name Chief Keef,” he joked. “It’s catchy.”

CashOut mentioned the “I Don’t Like” rapper, whose real name is Keith Cozart, may be feeding off his entourage members’ street credibility saying, “I know for a fact that some people in his team, they really about that.”

CashOut revealed his disdain for Chief Keef lies deeper than the false image he portrays. The Gangster Disciple is angered by Keef’s blatant disrespect of his fallen friend Shondale Gregory, who was murdered after being shot several times while standing at a bus stop.”

Gregory was affectionately known to friends and relatives as Tooka.

“I believe he write his own raps… It’s not about me not liking him cuz he got on. But when you rap about something you not really about, and then you putting my homie name on it… that bring something to me.

“Every time I’m in a nice crowd of people and they play his song; everybody rocking and they say ‘F*ck a Tooka Gang.’ I done snatched a cord out somebody radio in the club once,” CashOut said. “I’m like man, hold up. Does anybody know Tooka? Does anybody know what he [Chief Keef] really rapping about? You can be in a certain hood and riding down in Minnesota somewhere. This somebody that really died. They thinking sh*t slang. No, that’s a real motherf*cking person who got killed.”

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Listen to CashOut’s interview below.

Listen to Chief Keef’s “3Hunna” Below.

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