Lil Jay Issues Statement To His Fans From Cook County: ‘Minor Setback For A Major Comeback’

Lil Jay remains hopeful of his future amid his serious legal case. The FBG Clout Boy issued statement in a call from jail to let fans know he will be out soon. He also had harsh words for his haters.

“You already know what it is man,” he said. “It’s your boy King Lil Jay. I’m finna be back down like smack down. All you haters and critics, you can stay off my d-ck. All you fake ass friends, you n-ggas dead to me, period. …I’ma be back down soon. Clout Lord.”

In a call with King Yella, Jay said, “I’m finna be back down soon,” he Ya hating ass b-tches can stay off my d-ck. Clout Lord is back down soon. Don’t even trip. Minor setback for a major comeback.

King Yella told fans that Jay’s highly anticipated debut album “Clout Lord” is still dropping.

“Everybody steady asking why folks locked up. Think I’m finna tell you? Google it b-tch,” he said. “Just know he locked up for some real sh-t, not no snitching sh-t, not no b-tch sh-t f-ck n-gga. Free Lil Jay, you already know man. Folks a be down real soon. ‘Clout Lord’ the album still coming. Everything man, ain’t sh-t changed. More videos, more songs. This clout sh-t a never stop, man. We always gon have the clout. We ain’t with that glo sh-t. F-ck all you opp n-ggas.”

Lil Jay was arrested Monday on a weapon charge. Jay was charged with reckless discharge of a firearm. A reckless discharge is a Class 4 Felony that carries a sentence of one to three years in state prison, community service, probation and/or maximum fine up to $25,000. Jay’s bail has been set at $400,000.

Jay’s next court date is schedules for Jan. 12.

King Yella took to social media Tuesday to weigh in on the “Clout Lord” rapper’s arrest.

“Free Double O. You already know how we rocking man,” he said. “This clout sh-t ain’t gonna stop. …CPDK.”

Lil Jay was hospitalized last week after undergoing surgery to remove bullets from his body. According to his mother, Jay fell into a coma after his surgery was unsuccessful.

“Get well soon LilJay He Is In A Coma His Surgery Didn’t Go Gud So Everybody Keep Him In Yall Prayers Please,” the message on his account read.

“Smh Please Pray For My Son,” she added in the caption.

The FBG Clout Boy would later awaken from his coma and take to IG to slam trolls for spreading rumors on the reasoning behind his stay in the hospital.

“So many d-ck riders on Instagram. Hate yall,” he said. “I didn’t get shot. Ain’t on no f-cking Lean… withdrawal none of that sh-t clowns. …B-tch, get yall some money.”

He added on IG: “Frfr Yall Can suck my d-ck wit a magnum On Frfr I’m Gttn Gud While YALL STILL BROKE BUT IM GUD WBU.”

Jay announced his surgery New Years Eve while lying in a hospital bed.

“I want yall to pray for a real ass n-gga,” he said. “Got surgery tomorrow. Getting these bullets took out of me. Pray for a real n-gga. I love yall. Clout Lord.”

Lil Jay would later clear the air on the reasoning behind his stay in the hospital. Fans thought the FBG Clout Boy was recently shot, but this wasn’t the case.

“All you goofies suck my d-ck talking about I got shot and lean… all this goofy as hell dude,” he said. “I’m sick… I got the flu. Yall need to stay off my d-ck, it’s like four in the morning. Yall can go suck my d-ck like tomorrow around one. For real, I’m sick.”

“…Damn man, just got out of surgery,” continued. “I got two more surgeries to go yall. Finish praying for me. I love yall. Clout Lord, Clout Lord.”

Jay said his stay in the hospital has prevented him from releasing his debut album “Clout Lord.” The project, he said, will drop mid-January.

“It’s worth the wait,” he said.

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