King Samson Steals Spotlight In ‘Robber Not A Rapper’ Mixtape (Review)

King Samson took a brief hiatus from the throne following a near fatal shooting incident. The King, now fully recovered, returned the scene to discover a lot of fufuness going on. The South Side Chiraq native aims to put a stop to it and make the rap scene feel his wrath in “Robber Not A Rapper,” hosted by DJ Shon. Samson says there is special meaning behind the project’s title.

“It’s just the truth that I can’t run from, so we run with it as a name,” he said.

This project is personal for Samson as he aims to show he’s much better than rival rappers in the City.

“I’m hungry again to show I’m better then these n-ggas,” he said. “Not just in my city… around the world.”

Samson doesn’t waste anytime on this project.

Samson’s “Master P” is a salute to the Hip Hop mogul who was the driving force behind No Limit Records. Samson takes it back to what many considered to be the golden era of Hip Hop. He even incorporates P’s signature grunt.

Samson open this record, rapping, “I’m finna take it back, I think I’m Master P/Trap going crazy like it’s ’93/Street n-gga in the league, P. Miller/Ball so hard, got his own sneaker.”

King Samson said God made him “Bullet Proof”. Samson opens up on the shooting incident that left him hospitalized in this record.

“N-gga, I almost died that day,” Samson admits in his new single.

Samson raps, “30 something n-ggas on the block, how the f-ck I’m the one to get hit. Damn, that some dirty a-- sh-t, damn that’s some dirty a-- sh-t/Hell yeah, our n-ggas went back/Hell yeah, n-ggas went back/Hell yeah, everybody got hit.”

King Samson slows it down with a soft melody in track eight. But Samson still keeps his firearm tucked, trap beat or not. The Street God ain’t for none. It’s nothing for him to let his little friend “Spray.”

King Samson can give two Fs about what critics have to say. Who asked for their opinions anyway? Samson certainly didn’t. Neither did Jose Guapo and Yung Mazi. The three artists collabed on song “F*ck Yo Opinion.”

Only the strong survive in the cold streets of Chiraq, according to King Samson. King Samson is a walking testament.

Samson’s tells a tale of karma and revenge in this record. Samson ponders whether past sins caught up with him after he became a victim of gun violence. Nonetheless, Samson made karma pay eye for eye and tooth for tooth.

Samson also makes mention of popular Chi Town underground artists Lil JoJo and OTF Nunu in his record.

“JoJo got whacked, n-ggas say he didn’t deserve that/NuNu got whacked, n-ggas say he didn’t deserve that,” he raps.

The streets aren’t the only things one has to survive living in the Windy City.

Samson not only was fighting for his life in the hospital, but also in the courtroom.

“They just offered me again, I ain’t take that/My lawyer make it disappear tell the state that,” he raps.

Samson describes his city as a jungle, rapping “I just came from where the planet of the apes at.”

Haters are bugs. Samson and Yung Mazi step on em in their collaborative record. Just as these two could give a f-ck about someone’s opinion, the same applies for a hater.

Samson raps, “Riding around with two juveniles, two 30-shots/Murder music like Tupac, Faragamo in my tube socks/I’ma shooter, f-ck who not/Trap moved to a new spot.”

King Samson didn’t leave his females entirely out of this project. Samson and Nino got “B*tches.” They got em in different area codes. Even their b-tches got b-tches.

Samson raps, “I’ma f-ck em all, what I know now/These b-tches thots and I know that/Giving out (?) out the party pack, so you ain’t gotta ask where the h-es at.”

Samson says he wanted show Chiraq’s rap scene that he is still a force to be reckoned with. Not that Samson needed to prove anything, but he did accomplish his mission. The Street God has a firm grip on the City and he’s not letting it go. All there’s left to do now is await Samson’s release of “Banksy.” Samson touts this project as his masterpiece.

“‘Banksy’ is what they can wait on,” he said. “All my sh-t sound like a album but that’s it right there. Next next level sh-t, but I’ll let the fans be the judge of that.”

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