Castro Terrorizes The Streets In ‘Welcome Home’ Mixtape (Review)

When you hear Castro get into hype mode by yelling his signature ad-lib “Yaaah!” in the opening of his records, you know you’re in for a turnt listening experience. Castro titled his latest mixtape project “Welcome Home,” hosted by DJ Honorz. Castro is back on the streets of Chiraq with a lot say. Consider Castro to be a beast unleashed from its cage. The Mubu rapper is terrorizing the streets with vicious bars in his 16-track effort. He does this with the productions talents of Law Beatz, Chase Davis, BlockOnDaTrak and more.

Castro is an admitted hood n-gga. He runs the streets trying to come up on a bag. His attachment to the streets doesn’t sit right with his ol lady who is constantly under stress wondering if the Mubu rapper will make it home. But Castro doesn’t regret his lifestyle.

Castro raps, “No regrets, I did what I did/If I ain’t make it there, I wouldn’t have my kids/She waiting up cause the way I live/Know this pistol on me and I’m into sin.”

A mixtape can’t be complete without a turn up record. Castro got bad women and drank on deck in “Party Tonight.” Castro is throwing a party with his guys Caleb James, The Boy Illinois and Joni Brovo.

Castro raps, “Bad b-tches, mob status/Bottle popping, drunk madness/Sober thoughts, save em for tomorrow/That liquor pouring.”

There’s little love in the world, today. This could possibly explain why Castro’s heart is so cold. The Mubu rapper opens up on his frozen heart beat in “The Love,” rapping, “Where the love? Ain’t none, I keep it on me/They counting sheep (?), yeah they sleeping on me/Show hella love, but there’s none given/Mike Jordan, Mike Tyson without the Robin Givens.”

Castro’s “Sajo” contains a sample from Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight.” This single is dedicated to Castro’s slain friend Sajo. Castro has a myriad of thoughts circulating in his head in this record as he raps, “ How I feel? Like I lost a lost/I could be off to college, maybe shooting a shot/I could be doing life, I could be in a box/I could’ve been home when Sajo got shot.”

Castro’s “Money Don’t Make” featuring Broadway is as sinister as it gets. Castro narrates a plot orchestrated by “Gino” to rob his plug Copo. Castro explains no one remains at the top for long. There’s always someone out there that wants to overtake the throne. Gino can be viewed as either one of two types of people- a snake or, as a Castro calls it, a “real n-gga.” Castro explains Gino is doing his plug in because he’s not feeding his team like he should. Castro explains the workings of Chiraq streets when it comes to wanting to eat by any and illegal means. Gino can be described as the characters Calvin and Rico in urban classic film “Paid In Full.”

Castro’s “This Time” contains a sample from John Legend’s hit record that appears on his album “Evolver.” Castro wants it all. He wants to be the king of his own empire.

He raps, “Chose my own path cause I hate to follow/I’m chasing happiness but I drown in sorrow/Yeah, you heard right/A n-gga Mubu gang/Louie my brother, but I want my own lane.”

Castro appeared to have had a lot of aggression building up inside of him on this project. The main theme of this project was Castro wanting to be a boss and create his own lane. Now that he’s home and ready to take street hop by storm. This project shows he has taken the rights step to making his ambitions come to fruition.

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