Lil’ Jay Shines In ‘Unexpected Fame’

Lil’ Jay has spent the good part of the year working on his newly released project “Unexpected Fame.”

Jay’s mixtape title represents the social media spotlight he has been thrust into as all eyes focused onto Chicago this past year.

Many artists would have folded under pressure. But Lil’ Jay handled his newfound fame with ease and used the energy to produce a banger project.

Hosted by DJ Suspence, DJ Cortez and DJ Shon, Lil’ Jay wasted no time taking aim at adversaries in his project’s intro, namely Glory Boyz Entertainment.

This comes as no surprise for Jay for he had the Internet buzzing in late 2012 after the release of “F*ck Sosa,” which garnered nearly 700,000 views on YouTube.

In the intro, Jay raps, “Catch Lil’ Reese in traffic and put his put his picture on a shirt/Keef how you a Chief and you aint putting in work.

“…Lil’ Durk how is you a hitter and you ain’t never did no dirt.”

“We catch a case and beat a case, you crying in front of a judge,” he added.

The latter line is a diss to Keef who allegedly cried in juvenile court as his judge sentenced him to 60 days in jail for probation violation.

Lil’ Jay’s next track is the title of his mixtape. In this song, Jay regards himself as a star due to the excess attention he receives.

“All this fame and clout was unexpected/Been rapping for a year and I’m already a legend,” he raps.

But with unexpected fame comes “Money.”

Jay is all about his green, rapping, “Money, money, yeah I get a lot of cash/I be flexing hard, I spend a sack and get it back/You ni**as talking about that s--- u never had/Trues and truck fit, b*tch check out me swag.”

Lil’ Jay is known to known to show off. But with all the unexpected fame he has been afforded, why not?

“I be flexin like a b----, Lil’ Jay in this b----/Couple bands on my wrist/Robin’s jeans, yes I’m the s---/Riding in the foreign whip with a bad b*tch/Giving top cause she’s a thotiana and she’s doing dicks/All my n*ggas wild and recklezz/ S--- can get hectic,” he raps.

Lil’ Jay tried his hand at P. Rico’s summer anthem “Hang Wit Me” by offering his own freestyle.

Jay turns up, rapping, “Yeah, I’m the king, I’m up next, how you crying though/Goofy caught me lacking, had his gun, he ain’t aim though/I do not play no games b----, I’m not Nintendo.”

Jay carries himself with a confident demeanor and flexes yet again on song “Flexin.”

In “Flexin,” Lil’ Jay raps, “L-I-L J-AY, I’m all about my paper/Money stack like elevators, middle fingers to you haters…

“I’m Fly Boy Gang mayor/I’m arrogant, I’m oso cocky/More ice than a game of hocky/Hands like Rocky, please don’t copy/I’m all about that bread, I’m alla bout that cake/Team no lackin, catch me lackin/That s--- ova/Heard you flexing witht that bag/F*ck ni**a, then it’s ova.”

Jay gets some assistance from fellow FBG rapper and partner in crime Billionaire Black in “Flex N Finesse” and “OsoArrogant.”

Other guest features on this project come from P. Rico and Young Mello. The trio collab on the drill record “Walk Ups.”

“Unexpected Fame” is not pure adrenaline as Jay slows the tape down and dedicates “Foreign” to women.

Jay describes his perfect woman, rapping, “My b*tch foreign, yo b*tch on the sheet/My b*tch faithful and yo b*tch doin d***s/ We do drive-bys, she drive the whip/It’s me and her to the end/ I swear I love my b*tch/These thotties ain’t on sh*t/ Can’t none of em take yo place/Tell em beat their feet and I say it to their face.”

Jay ends his mixtape honoring slain friend and FBG member Lil’ Jeff whom he regarded as his “twin.”

Lil Jeff, born Jeffrey Morgan, was gunned down during a house party on Mother’s Day. He was 21.

“Unexpected Fame” is a solid tape. Lil’ Jay made sure to fill the project with a slew of songs for listeners to rock to while ending the summer on a right note.

With Lil’ Jay’s work ethic, worldwide fame is undeniably on the horizon.

Download/stream Lil’ Jay’s “Unexpected Fame”

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