Lil Mister Can’t Be Stopped In ‘No Lackin 2’ Mixtape (Review)

Lil Mister has been a staple on Chiraq’s underground Hip Hop scene ever since the release of his debut mixtape “No Lackin.” This tape contained classic singles like “Episode,” “Get Banged,” and “No Lackin,” to name a few. Mister still has more hit records where that came from. Montana again flexes his talents in his newly released sequel to “No Lackin.” He showcases this well in a 32-track effort. If you think Mister is playing games, you’re sadly mistaken. If you still doubt the Bricksquad artist, head straight to track two. War is what Mister wants and war is what he’s going to bring. Fans get classic Montana in this record as the Bricksquad rapper lets lyrical shots go off in the name of Lil JoJo.

Mister goes in on this record, rapping, “N*ggas say f-ck JoJo, we pull up let guns blow/N-ggas want that gun show, we pull up give gun smoke/We kill a n-gga, tell em vamanos/Smoking dope, smoking by the O/Bad b-tch wanna give me throat/I’m pouring lean til I overdose.”

King Louie’s “Til I Meet” is a popular record with a hot production behind it. Lil Mister decided to lends some bars onto this beat with a freestyle. He raps, “Gotta make it so I turn up/Keep burner so don’t get burned up/I be in my lane flexed up, they can’t take us/Drop a couple bandz on my wrist I gotta glow up.”

Montana is not done there. Why? Because there is no stopping him. Mister goes beast mode in track 10, rapping, “You can’t walk up in my shoes, you can’t walk a mile/B-tch I’m smoking loud, you smoking black and mild/Running around the town, cruising through the City.”

Montana has “Hot Sh*t.” This applies to the booth and the streets. Mister is a hot boy in these streets as he raps, “F-ck n-gga got work, I’ma run up in your damn home/With the damn nina or I’ll swap out with the damn chrome/All my n-ggas with the sh-ts, put a bullet in your dome.”

Lil Mister is not done by a long shot. It’s forever Team No Lackin for Montana. I’m sure Mister is now planning the “No Lackin” threequel right now as I type. Montana came back with vengeance on this project after taking somewhat of a brief hiatus. Thirty-two songs prove Mister has been working and has no plans of stopping.

Stream/download Mister’s “No Lackin 2” below.

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