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Lil Mouse Reacts To Slim Jesus’ ‘The Race Remix’ Diss

#SlimJesus drops the #TheRace Remix ? Click link in bio to watch full video ? #tayk #drilltime

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Lil Mouse isn’t rocking with any disrespect from fellow Midwest rapper Slim Jesus. Slim Jesus dissed Mouse in his remix to Tay-K’s “The Race.”

Slim Jesus raps, “He a Mouse, he be squeaking to police (You a b***h!)/When we catch him, we gon put him on TV/F**k what he saying, he only savage on a beat/Big a– 40 shells knock him off his feet.”

Mouse responded to Slim Jesus’ diss on Twitter:

“Lil white boy ain’t gone never stop cause I ended his a–

Why my name in these n****s mouth like some b——

I been ended his career like 2 years ago he still won’t let that sht go,” he wrote.

#tdgmouse ain't rocking with #slimjesus ? #tayk #therace

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Slim Jesus and Lil Mouse have been going back-and-forth for two years now.

The Hamilton, OH native last got at Mouse in “Facts,” rapping, “Who the f**k is Lil Mouse, I got bigger fish to fry/I got homies in the kitchen, yeah my man still whipping pies.”

Lil Mouse drew first blood in “Nail Em To The Cross.”

“F*ck that lil white boy, they think I’m racist,” Mouse says in the opening of his track “Nail Em To The Cross.”

Mouse goes off, rapping, “He say he Jesus, time to nail him with the hammer/If I wanted to, could’ve caught you in Atlanta.”

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