Lil Reese Falls Victim To Death Hoax

Lil Reese is the latest rapper to become a victim of an Internet death hoax Sunday night.

A rumor spread quickly throughout social media suggesting the rapper was gunned down in South Side Chicago.

A social media circus soon erupted on Twitter with many fans wanting answers:

Reese caught wind of the rumors and soon quelled any notion of his demise, slamming the “opps” responsible for the hoax.

“Goof a-- opps b on my dick so much lol just give it up wit the rumors dis bout y’all 300 rumors f----- goofyzzz….

“Squad s--- quit it wit the rumors yu n----- iz jerkz….#300,” he wrote.

Lil Reese later posted an Instagram video proving he is alive and well.

“Tell em to stop spreading rumors and s---, man,” he said.

This isn’t the first time Reese found himself the victim of an Internet hoax. A fraudulent Twitter account posing as the “Supa Savage” rapper caused an uproar on Twitter after dissing Wale and Drake.

The fake Lil’ Reese page threatened physical harm on Wale, writing, “yo stop sneak dissin before u get banged I know u want to live long enough to see yo short a-- dreads grow @Wale.”

The second message directed at Drake questioned “The Motto” rapper’s sexuality.

“I’m not with gay s--- somebody tell Drake stop messaging me smh,” the account wrote.

But the potential Hip Hop beef was soon shut down.

Wale caught wind of the page, writing, “Fake pages got y’all turnt up huh.”

Lil’ Reese retweeted Wale’s message giving confirmation he had nothing to do with the tweet.

The idea of a beef between the two perplexed many fans given the recent track the two appeared on together.

Lil’ Reese released his popular track “Money Stackin,” featuring the “Lotus Flower Bomb” artist and Waka Flocka Flame.

Listen to Lil Reese’s “Money Stackin” featuring Wale and Waka Flocka

Stream/download Lil Reese’s “Supa Savage” mixtape

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