Lil Snupe’s Mom Didn’t Want Son To Have Headstone, Says Snupe’s Father Called Out Meek Mill To Go Viral

Lil Snupe’s mom Denesha Ross took to social media to shut down claims made by Snupe’s father recently in a video that has since gone viral. Snupe’s father Big Snupe posted footage of himself walking to his son’s gravesite, and calling out Meek Mill for not giving the slain rapper a headstone. Snupe was shot and killed at age 18 on June 20, 2013.

Ms. Ross said it was her decision for Snupe not to have a headstone.

“Snupe does not have a headstone due to my personal reasons. Me, as a mother, it’s just some steps when you taking this journey. It’s just hard. It’s just hard sometimes. What I never wanted to accept is that Snupe is dead. The hardest thing to realize is that he’s never coming back. So that is the reason why he did not have a headstone is because it kind of sealed the deal for me.”

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