Lil Uzi Vert and DooWop Go Crazy On Chief Keef-Produced ‘Cap Flow’

Doowop is coming strong on his project “Cappin Ain’t Dead.”

Wop tapped Lil Uzi Vert for his lead single “Cap Flow.”

Uzi begins this track, rapping, “Gucci ghost, she fill my ghost, I’ma get that mula/While my brother got loyalty, ain’t gotta pay my shooter/I was in the rack, all flashed, watch weight that I boo up/Glowed up on a broke boy, just watch weight that that you lose.””

Doowop follows Uzi, rapping, “Nah you ain’t even got to hit em bro. That’s the reason I’m the shooter/N***a, I was really in the field, while they stay in the house so suit up.”

Wop’s “Cap Flow” is slated to drop Friday.

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