Loskiii and King Yella Address GDK/BDK Beef

Loskiii and King Yella engaged in an enlightening discussion on the GDK/BDK controversy in Chicago. Though Loskiii and Yella rep two different gangs, they have actually been friends since they were kids.

“[King Yella] my 17-year, 18-year n*gga,” Loskiii said. “This ain’t sh*t new.”

Yella told Loskiii the gang banging in Chicago needs to end.

“This gang banging sh*t irrelevant,” Yella said. “…Real n*ggas f*ck with real n*ggas, period. That’s how this sh*t go. That ain’t got nothing to do with what gang you in or nothing. All this GDK/BDK sh*t need to stop anyway cause all these shorties out here getting killed. Over what? When we was growing up, n*ggas was on money.

“All that BDK/GDK sh*t goofy at the end of the day bro,” he continued. “Motherf*ckers go and get some money, man. Take care of their families, man. …If the crips and bloods came together and squash their beef, why the BDs and the Gds can’t?”

Loskiii echoed Yella’s sentiment regarding many bloods and crips sets calling a truce.

“In Cali, n*ggas know how to play their part,” Loskiii said. “In Atlanta, n*ggas definitely know how to play their part. Chicago, everybody wanna be a gangster. …N*ggas wanna kill each other over starter jackets and Mikes.”

Loskiii added, “Back in the 90s, n*ggas was dying for Mikes. In 2015, n*ggas dying for likes.”

Check out Loskiii and King Yella’s convo in full above.

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