Louis Vuitton Under Fire In Lawsuit After Boss Allegedly Called Black People ‘Slaves Who Eat Dirt’

Louis Vuitton merchandise has long been a staple in the Hip Hop culture. Kanye West even dubbed himself the “Louie Vuitton Don.”

But a former African employee is alleging the manager of a London-based outlet harbored racist sentiments towards people of African descent,” according to the Mirror.

Oliver Koffie filed a racial discrimination and harassment lawsuit against the French retail chain after hearing the manager make alleged racial statements.

According to the suit, manager allegedly told an African employee: “Black people are slaves who eat dirt off the floor.”

The suit also alleges, according to the Mirror, the manager called Barack Obama a “muppet” and would be better off with “Miss Piggy” as its president because “Muslim people… don’t eat pork.”

The manager reportedly left his job following a disciplinary proceeding. Louis Vuitton doesn’t deny the allegations and says the company took all “reasonably practicable steps to prevent the racist comment.”

A spokeswoman for Louis Vuitton told the Mirror: “Louis Vuitton has a zero-tolerance policy to harassment of any kind. This reported sentiment is in total violation of the Louis Vuitton ethical charter. This issue was investigated, and the manager in question no longer works within the company.”

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