LovAndre Channels R. Kelly In ‘Sex, Money & Drugz’ Mixtape

LovAndre is very well Chicago’s next R. Kelly. Scratch that. LovAndre is Chicago’s current R. Kelly.

No offense, Kellz.

The comparison is rather a compliment, though. LovAndre clearly draws inspiration from the Pied Piper of R&B, especially the 90s era swag of the genre.

Andre titled his tape “Sex, Money and Drugs.” I didn’t get the feel that the mixtape focused on Money and Drugs. Lovemaking, however, was the focal point of the project.

And trust me, LovAndre has plenty of love songs to get the mood right in this superb catalog of music.

LovAndre boasts his bedroom skills in “Pipe Game Crazy” featuring King Louie. Andre arrogantly sings, “Bring that, bring that, bring that booty over here/You not f-cking round with no minute man over here.”

LovAndre borrowed the title of late Michael Jackson’s song “Rock With You” for track three on his tape. He and his love interest have been smoking and drinking before getting into some alone time. Andre even adds a classic R. Kelly line from “Your Body’s Callin,” as he sings “I hear you calling, here I come baby, to save you.”

At first listen, it sounds as if LovAndre’s “Dance Baby Dance” is for skrippers. But it’s a joint for all women to move their body and feel sexy to. LovAndre calls for women to dance in front of the mirror like Shakirah.

Andre sings, “Girl, the way you dance it make me really want it/Dance, shawty dance/She don’t use no hands/She told me I’m the man, I smacked her on the a--.”

Andre takes his woman on an adventurous ride in “Rollercoaster.” He again draws inspiration from singer Kelly, singing, “Pretty brown, brown, driving me wild/Smoking on some sticky sh-t, got us on some freaky sh-t/Pretty brown, brown, driving me wild.”

LovAndre recorded a smooth trap joint for the gangstas and ladies to vibe to in “Workin My Wrist.” He also got some help from Joshh who added his rhyme skills to the track.

Lovandre works his vocals, singing, “I’m working my wrist, taking my shots like I’m Kevin Durant/I’m most valuable at pimping n-gga/Yo main b-tch in my kitchen n-gga/Uh-oh! Damn!/These girls ain’t loyal.”

Joshh raps, “I’m working my wrist/She working them dishes/You know how I’m living, I start something, I can’t start til I’m finished.”

Andre is the forecaster in “Make You Rain,” an Obrian production. Andre predicts the night will be very wet. It’s not even much of a prediction. According to Andre, it’s a guarantee. But Andre has to make a believer out of his love interest who says he ain’t on sh-t.

Andre came prepared for the weather in this track.

“I got a raincoat, I’m safe/I can play in the rain all day,” the weatherman sings.

Andre continues, singing, “It’s pouring, it’s raining now/Damn, I love this weather/I’m glad you stopped by, so I can show you better/Now you know I can make your p***y wetter.”

Andre has no care in the world in ‘I’m Good.” His only concern is money as he sings
“Me be riding solo/Trust a n-gga, that’s a no no/Cuffing thotties, that’s no go/Making money, busting juugs, watching [?]/If you ain’t up in my lane, f-ck a convo/Don’t call my phone talking no more.”

Andre professes the woman in his life has that “Come Back” p**sy. This single also has hints of Kellz’s influence as he vocalizes the legend’s signature harmonic “oh na na na na na na na.”

Andre sings, “You got Pacific potion/You like the sh-t I’m smoking/No gangbanging, but you totin/No gangbanging, but you totin/Girl, your booty big, plus you pretty in the face/God bless you, girl you chosin/You got me losing focus.”

LovAndre is a newcomer/veteran on the scene. His sound is refreshing no matter how long he has been in the game. Andre is ushering in a new era of R&B. Or it may be better assessment to say he is bringing back that 90s feel of R&B with his own signature twist. There are no skip throughs on this project. There are nine tracks of quality R&B music on this tape. This honestly is something that cannot be said in this generation of music. I thought for a moment I was back in the 90s vibing to R. Kelly. LovAndre will be successful in his music grind because he set himself apart from other artists in and out of the Chi. While other artists are running down a clogged path, Andre chose a path that provided him a clear vision. Definitely can’t wait to hear more music from who I consider to be the future of R&B.

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