Lud Foe Says Ecstasy Saved His Life In Near-Fatal Car Accident

#LudFoe Says #Ecstasy Saved His Life In Near-Fatal Car Accident ? click link in bio for story

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Lud Foe was involved in a car accident in March that nearly claimed his life. The OutWest rapper sat down with The Durtty Boyz the relive that fateful night.

Lud was enjoying a night out with family and friends at the Hillshire Bowling Alley in Chicago before hopping on the expressway upon leaving.

Lud Foe, who admits to being under the influence, reveals he got into road beef with a trucker driving a semi after cutting him off.

Lud Foe soon lost control of his vehicle, and it flipped nine times. He broke his jaw and both of his wrists, and lost some teeth.

Lud Foe was luckily transported safely to the hospital. Lud Foe said his head was huge due to built up fluid.

Lud attributes his survival to God and ecstasy.

“I know the only reason I survived – I know for a fact it was God – but I was off ecstasy, too,” Lud Foe said. “It kept my heart pumping. I know ecstasy ain’t got s**t on God, but that played a good part, too.”

Lud Foe says it feels good to still be alive.

“It feel good to still breathe fresh air, to still move the same, to still talk the same, walk the same,” Lud Foe said. “I shook it off. Ain’t nothing wrong with me no more. I’m back in shape, back in mode.”

Watch full interview below.

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