Lupe Fiasco Explains Backlash From Skateboard Community For Grammy-Nominated Single ‘Kick, Push’

Lupe Fiasco’s breakthrough single “Kick, Push” is regarded as a classic by many. The single was a love song between two skateboarders.

But the single did have its critics.

Lupe spoke with Skee Live regarding the backlash the track received from some in the skateboard community.

“There was some very insecure skaters, Tony Hawknot being one of them, fortunately, who just felt like I was trying to encroach on their territory when I really did the song as a tribute for a skate shop,” The “Mission” rapper said. “It was never supposed to be a single–never meant to be a single. It was for a skate shop called Uprise for a skate DVD and then it just took a life of its own. But when you’re the first through the wall, you always get a little bloody. Then it paves the way for the Lil Wayne’s and the other people to kind of come in and capitalize on the culture even 10 times more than I did. From there all the way up until now, I always try and make things that I’m personally attached to, that have a personal vibration with me that I feel are real and honest and wherever that takes me. So whether that’s skateboarding or having a grandmother that passed away from cancer and homies that are fighting it right now to make a song like ‘Mission,’ it’s all in the same boat.”

Lupe’s “Kick, Push,” peaked at number 78 on Billboard’s Hot 100. The single was nominated for a Grammy in 2007 for Best Rap Solo performance and Best Rap Song. The song unfortunately lost in both categories to T.I.’s “What You Know” and Ludacris’ “Money Maker,” respectively.

Lupe is currently prepping the release of his fifth studio album “Tetsuo & Youth.” Lupe hinted the project may drop in August during an interview with Sway In The Morning.

“The album is coming,” he said. “It’s not June. It’s not Ramadan. So there’s one month left.”

Ramadan is celebrated by Muslims worldwide and runs from June 28 to July 28.

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