Marlon Wayans Talks Twitter Beef with Kevin Hart and Richard Pryor Film on Sway in the Morning Show

Comedian Marlon Wayans recently sat down with Sway on the Sway in the Morning Show. A caller called in to ask Marlon to address his Twitter Beef with Kevin Hart.

“Kevin Hart is my dude, I love that boy,” Marlon said. “We’re friends man, so when me and K Hart go at it, we go at it, it’s just fun. Balls out let’s just have some fun and snap on each other. K Hart is a fun dude. It’s all love. We don’t have beef in comedy like they do in hip hop.”

Marlon, however, did have a beef with rapper Joe Budden.

“Me and Joe Budden had a Twitter Beef and it was weird because I like Joe Budden,” Marlon said. “And all of a sudden he’s talking nonsense and I was like ok let me show you how to do comedy. But afterwards, we cool, there aint no beef. It’s twitter dude.”

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