Montana of 300 Describes Life Growing Up On The Low End Of Chicago

Montana of 300 hails from the Low End of Chicago, an area known for its violence and poverty.

The “Fire In The Church” rapper describes what life was like for him growing up on the Low End during HotNewHipHop’s “On The Come Up” segment.

“Growing up in Chicago period is going to be hard for anybody, especially coming from the Low End,” he said. “It’s the South Side of Chicago. All odds was against me. Wasn’t supposed to be here. I got a lot of friends that’s not here today. Lost a lot whether it’s falling out, growing up getting older, people lost their lives, all type of things, so I’m definitely blessed to be here. Middle school, I was doing sports. I was into sports a lot. That kind of gave me a peace of mind about responsibility, showing up and making a change and making a difference in being effective. I had two brothers and three sisters. Growing up, I had my parents. They wasn’t together, but I didn’t have too much support financially, but I always felt love.”

Montana rhymed about his old hood in his “Versace” remix.

In this track, he raps, “From the PCs, so shout out my jects/2822 S. Calumet/Straight out the Low End, when I start flowing, you know I’ma go in like nothing but net.”

There were a lot of people who doubted claims of Montana’s Chicago roots.

Montana cleared the air on where he was from after taking to IG to post his low-income project building onto IG.

In his caption, he wrote, “For u d*ck suckin Mfs that don’t know sh*t about me n wanna know…..B*tch I’m from 2822 S. Calumet apt. 909 They tore our project building down, but I got us. #PCN #AlwaysStayedTrue.”

Montana also spoke on his origins during an interview with ZanaP.

“I’m from a project called the PCs,” he said. “They tore em down in ’04. 2822 S. Calumet. I lived in apartment 909 right across the street from Dunbar High School. …Everybody that I do music with — like my artists—they from Peoria. I used to make a lot of money back and forth between Chicago and Peoria. …I always been low-key. I always been anti-social. Everybody don’t need to know my business or how I move or how I operate.”


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