Montana of 300 Says The Industry Is Turning Rappers Into Feminine Slaves

Montana of 300 has much to say about the current landscape of hip hop. The Chicago emcee opened on this topic with a few tweets on Twitter. In his first tweet, Montana wrote “A whole lot of gang s---” turning N2 “A whole lotta gay s---” |Nothing worse than a kid gettin embarrassed by how their parents carry themselves. F— the rap! As a FATHER, U should know you’re your son’s 1st hero. Now imagine your son being teased about his father being gay.”

Montana continued his rant in a second tweet writing, “The industry is turning so many black men into feminine a-- slaves, it’s became the new prison. It’s gotta be a lot of disappointed fathers and mothers out there. Sad af. Teach your kids to Never “sell your soul” (do anything outta your character) for a dollar or recognition.”

Does Montana of 300 have a point? Is hip hop straying away from it’s original message?

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