Montana of 300 Speaks On King Louie’s Shooting and Being Safe In Chiraq

King Louie barely escaped death in December after he was shot during an ambush in South Side Chicago. Drea O brought up Louie’s shooting during a recent interview with Montana of 300 asking the “Fire In The Church” rapper if he feels his life is in danger in Chicago.

“I think anybody that’s a gangster rapper in Chicago, you have to be aware,” Montana said. “You got to have some piece of mind where you gotta be careful how I move. It’s on your conscience at least. Just like you know when you go to a show somebody around you needs to be strapped up just in case yall gotta fire back. We ready wherever we go at all times. That’s on my mind no matter what.”

Montana said there is not as big of a target on him because he doesn’t gang bang.

“When I’m out in public in Chicago, I get a whole lot of love,” he said. “I don’t know if it’s because I don’t gang bang, so can’t nobody say he’s a BD, I’m a GD, I have to do this to him. A lot of people look at like that’s dude, he be in his own lane. You don’t see me on Instagram throwing down GD, throwing down BD. I’m all about uplifting and showing people a way. It’s showing people you could stand on your own two and be a man and be a neutron.”

Watch Montana of 300’s interview above.

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