Montana of 300 Talks Not Drinking Or Smoking To Stay Focused, Says It Can Blind You From Snakes

Montana of 300 doesn’t follow trends and others. He makes his own rules. The “Ice Cream Truck” rapper revealed during an interview with This Is 50 he doesn’t drink or smoke. This is very out of the norm considering many Chiraq artists’ love for sipping lean and smoking dope.

“I don’t smoke, I don’t drink. …Never been drunk in my life,” told RoseD. “There’s some people that be like ‘Do I get a deal, I can buy all this weed or all the bottles.’ …I’m focused. It can blind you to so much sh-t. N-ggas that around you that’s snakes. You already got the opps or the motherf-ckers you into with to worry about. A lot of that sh-t is some dead n-ggas downfall.


Montana said his mother’s crack addiction led him to abstain from trying drugs himself.

“My mom was a crack addict all my life,” he said. “Seeing her and the effect it had on us as a family, a lot of people use that as a reason to why they turn into it but I look at it as like I had a prime example of what not to do. I used that for the fuel.”

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