Morgan State Cannibal Spoke about ‘Blood Sacrifices’ at Anti-hazing Forum

There were warning signs all over the Morgan State University student who was charged last week with first-degree murder after chopping up his roommate up and eating him.

An instructor at Morgan State University warned that 21-year-old Alexander Kenyua was a “Virginia Tech waiting to happen,” according to Baltimore Sun.

Kenyua exhibited violent behavior and was once kicked out of an ROTC program for punching holes in the walls of the cadet computer lab, according to a police report obtained by The New York Daily News.

Kinyua spoke at an anti-hazing forum where he allegedly wanted to establish a hazing policy for off campus residents and spoke about “blood sacrifices.”

Kinyua wrote about “mass human sacrifices” on his Facebook account where allegedly asked if HBCUs were “strong enough to endure ritual HBCU mass human sacrifices around the country and still be able to function as human beings?”

Kinyua was arrested May 19 for reportedly beating a man with a baseball bat on campus, fracturing the victim’s skull and causing him to lose to sight in one eye.

Kinyua reportedly confessed to chopping up his roommate Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie with a knife and eating his brain and heart. He then disposed of Agyeie-Kodie’s remains behind a church in Joopatowne.

Kinyua’ father and brother called police after discovering Kodie’s head and two hands in a metal tin in the basement. They both left the room and came back to find the body parts had been moved and Kinyua washing out the tin.

Kinyua is currently being held in jail without bail.

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