Mother Says Dark Knight Hero Jarell Brooks is in Mental and Physical Pain

Jerell Brooks Dark Knight

Jarell Brooks risked his life after taking a gunshot wound to his leg as he attempted to save a mother and her two children during a Colorado theater shooting spree that left 12 people dead and 58 injured.

“I can remember seeing them on the floor and she had her son in her arm and youngest daughter held to her left arm,” Brooks said. “I was trying to guide her out and I was like ‘we gotta go.’”

Brooks said he didn’t “initially know” he got shot.

“It felt like a sharp pain,” he said. “But when I tried to move my left leg, I went down. And looked at my hand and noticed there was bleeding. That’s when it got pretty real at that moment.”

Diedre Brooks, Jarell’s mother, told ABC News “her son is in pain, both mentally and physically.”

“Emotionally, he’s at a point where he tries to make jokes … but he’s not sleeping well,” she told “He doesn’t want to watch any of the news stuff. He hasn’t watched TV at all.”

Deidre plans to set her son up with a counselor to help deal with the traumatic experience of theater shooting.

He son, she said, no longer wants to play his video games, especially games that involve combat.
“I’m still concerned about him,” she told ABC News. “I want him to be able to come out of the house.”

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Watch Jarell Brook’s ABC interview below.
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