Mubu’s Castro Disses Nicki Minaj In ‘Chi-Raq’ Remix

It was nothing personal, but Chicago-bred MC Castro had to get at Nicki Minaj on her own “Chi-Raq’ beat.

The Mubu explained himself in the intro before ripping into the track.

“I’m from Chraq for real, n***a. How motherf***r from New York gon tell me about my motherf*****g city,” he said. “You shouldn’t even make a name about my city. These Hollywood a-- n****s can’t even walk in my city, let alone talk about my city.”

“I love you though, Nicki,” he added.

Castro gets down to business, rapping, “I’ma make a song, I’ma call it Queens/Yo city nodding like a bunch of fiends/Herb cool, I don’t know Nicki/Claiming my city, get you killed quickly/I won’t kill Nicki, but I’ll kill Nicki/D*ck the p*ssy, drill quickly.”

Castro goes on to lay the prerequisites to be an official Chiraqi.

He raps, “Don’t claim my city if you ain’t walk the blocks, if you ain’t popping shots or selling rocks/If you ain’t cracking cards or did some drills/I might let you slide if you drop some meals/Chiraq, it ain’t a name/It’s way we live, it’s not a game.”

Listen to Castro’s “Chiraq” below.

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