NBA Youngboy’s Chain Thief Wants $20K For Its Return

#NBAYoungBoy’s chain snatcher wants $20K to return chain ??

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NBA Youngboy is without his chain after a thief stole it from a member of his entourage last night in North Carolina.

The thief has since gone public, and is asking NBA Youngboy to pay him $20,000 in fifty dollar bills.

The thief said he’d consider giving Youngboy his chain back if he admits he got caught lackin.

“Just admit he got caught slipping,” the thief said. “I’ll give him 38 Baby back.”

The thief went on to recount how he was able to get the chain.

“I snatched the s**t off the n***a chain, and ain’t nobody see it,” he said. “But my n***a Hasaan seen it, and I picked it up. I snatched that n***a s***t. After I snatched that n***a s**t, that n***a ran to the stage. … I snatched that n***a s**t. He was looking dead at me. That’s why the n***a Youngboy threw the mic at me. …I don’t give a f**k about this chain bruh.”

The North Carolina goon didn’t take long to reveal himself following the theft. He posted a photo of himself wearing Youngboy’s chain.

He wrote, “Tell youngboy he missing something.”

#northcarolina goon who took #nbayoungboy’s chain reveals himself ?? (see previous post)

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Youngboy told fans during a rant onstage that a thief stole the chain from a member of his entourage.

“Hey listen to what I’m finna say,” Youngboy said. “You see that chain you just took out my partner neck. That chain you took off my partner neck, that ain’t his chain. That’s my chain. I ain’t really trippin off that s**t. I got too much money. I’ll shoot this b***h up. Hey, if you bout that s**t, whoever took that s**t just raise your hand. Just raise your hand if you took that b***h.”

Someone took #NBAYoungBoy’s chain in North Carolina (Culprit revealed in latest post ?)? cred: @nba_youngboy38th

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Youngboy has had several close calls with nearly getting his chain snatched in the past.

Youngboy’s show was almost snatched during a September show in Philly.

“You snatch my chain I’ma beat the f**k out you,” Youngboy said. “Snatch that b***h if you wanna, boy.”

#nbayoungboy threatens fan for trying to snatch chain ? @nba_youngboy38th #batonrouge #38baby

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This isn’t Youngboy’s first incidence where his chain was almost snatched. In July, a fan attempted to snatch Youngboy’s chain in Houston, but his security pushed the fan’s hand away. Youngboy walked away from the thirsty fan, but not before giving him a sinister look.

#nbayoungboy almost get chain snatched ? #neverbrokeagain

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Youngboy took to social media to issue a statement on the matter.

“N****s do the most about everything. I’m at an all kids party,” Youngboy said. “Come on son, you think a n***a dumb enough to snatch something off my f*****g neck though? You tripping. N***a know how I’m living, son. They gon send n***a back to jail if they snatch anything off me.”

#nbayoungboy reacts to fan almost snatching his chain

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