New Music: Rico Recklezz- ‘Nosey’ Remix Featuring Maserati

Rico Recklezz’ new single “Nosey” remix featuring MBAM rapper Maserati has officially hit the net.

Rico and Mazzi are calling for those with prying eyes to stay out of their business.

Rico raps, “Come to your door like your ass just ordered like Dominoes/Been chasing cheddar since a shorty with a snotty nose/Snitch ni**as, no I don’t f*ck with those/Selling brown boy, call it Theo Huxtable/If you ain’t getting money, no I don’t f*ck with you/And my flow sick like a ni**a finna puke.”

Mazzi follows, rapping, “119th is money by any means/Don’t trust a n***a or a b***h, they so nosey/Smoking dope to the face, 40s stay on me/Thotiana, give her d**k, she love to eat/Swerving off the loud, yeah I’m about to go to sleep/Screaming free Rico Recklezz, now they mad at me.”

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