Nipsey Hussle Arrested For Parking In Handicap Spot

#nipseyhussle arrested for parking in handicap spot

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The system can’t keep a gangsta down.

Nipsey Hussle was arrested Monday night for apparently parking in a handicap spot, TMZ reports.

LAPD officers arrested Nipsey around 9 p.m. Monday when they found him illegally parked. When they ran his plates, they discovered he had warrants for previous traffic violations.

Nipsey posted footage of himself in the lab following his release from jail.

“I just bailed out on some bulls**t traffic warrants,” Nipsey said. ‘What y’all doing at five in the morning? I slept in 77th on that cold a-- bench, and I’m back in the lab. Y’all can’t knock my vibe right now. Y’all can’t take my inspiration. It’s not gon happen.”

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