Notorious B.I.G. Feared Michael Jackson Would Molest Lil Cease

Lil Cease, a one-time protégé of Notorious B.I.G., made an appearance on Cipha Sounds improv sketch “Take It Personal.”

Cease recounted a story where he and Biggie were going to visit Michael Jackson to record a song.

“We was in L.A. We gotta call from Puff to record the record with Michael Jackson,” Cease said. “…So we pull up to the studio. It wasn’t like all the other studios we went to…it was all gated… like a house. The studio was like in a guesthouse, away from the house.”

Lil Cease said he was getting excited as they were nearing the venue.

“Right before we pull up like now I’m getting excited…I’m 16 years old, I’m about to meet Michael…I’m thinking of all the illest sh*t in my mind, what am I gonna say when I meet him.”

But Cease’s excitement soon ceased.

Lil Cease revealed Biggie stopped him from going inside.

“Big stopped me like ‘Hold on, where you going?’ I don’t trust Michael with kids,” Cease recalled Biggie as saying.

Lil Cease said he was forced to wait outside and smoke marijuana while Biggie and Michael Jackson recorded the song.

Listen to Lil Cease’s story below

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