OTF Nunu Talks Ambition In ‘Pound Cake’ Freestyle

Monkey see, monkey do, but OTF Nunu gon do something different. The struggle and pain of living has Nunu’s sights set on riches in his “Pound Cake” freestyle.

Nunu’s only motivation at this point in his life is money and he doesn’t mind knocking off obstacles that dare get in his way.

Nunu boasts his lyrical ability in this Boi-1da production, rapping, “F--- a friend, I got family that’s gon ride with me/N----, I got n----- that’s gon kill for me/Trigger happy so I know that they gon drill something/N----, I want the money f--- the competition/If you ain’t with me, then you opposition/Lotta Money, lotta cars give me ambition.”

Nunu goes deeper in this track, touching on his father’s absence and the cruelty of the streets.

“N----- faking, I see right through em, I got x-ray vision/Ain’t seen my daddy in a minute, he locked in them prisons/And these streets don’t give yo name, they lock you in that system,” he raps.

Soundman was at the visual production helm of this video project.

Nunu is prepping his upcoming mixtape “Nuski Got Da Strap,” which is slated to drop sometime in 2013.

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