P. Rico Disses Tekashi69 In ‘Gummo (Remix)’

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P. Rico isn’t letting up on Tekashi69. The JoJo World rapper previewed a remix to Tekashi69’s “Gummo (Remix).”

Rico raps, “Better not pull up to my city, n***a, got that 50, n***a/And we shot about 50 n****s, don’t need 50 n****s/Pulling up, ain’t no Biggie/I’m like Diddy, n***a.”

Rico is upset with Tekashi69 for sneak dissing him while rapping RondoNumbaNine’s “Hang With Me (Remix).”


Tekashi specifically repeated a line where Rondo dissed Rico, rapping, “Tay600, LA, Cdai up them f*****g things/Who the f**k is Rico?, He get my desert Eagle/I heard he say he BDK, I think he f**k with…”

Rico wrote in his IG story, “Do not come to Chiraq. I repeat, do not come to Chicago, dumb f**k.”

He continued, “You a whole b***h and I’m smacking yo a– when I see [Tekashi69].”

When Rico first caught wind of the diss, he took to social media to write, “Wanna be down a– n****s B.”

Rico is the originator of the “Hang With Me” record.

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