#PerpAlert: Man Pretends to Be Member of Phi Beta Sigma on Founders Day

Though it is the 99th anniversary of the founding of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., Twitter was set ablaze for an entirely different reason early Wednesday.

Twitter user Kash.Is.Money @kashismoney caused a stir in the Black Greek community after purporting to be a member of the blue and white fraternity.

@KashisMoney requested a follow back from Atlanta Greek Picnic on Twitter and alleged to be a member of Phi Beta Sigma while doing so.

AGP then asked the young man what chapter he was from.

“@KASHISMONEY you’re a sigma from what chapter?

“‪@KASHISMONEY i need to know what chapter you are from before I can follow you back. Also let me know what yall got going on for ‪#J9,” AGP wrote.

Kash couldn’t answer AGP’s request and soon became belligerent.

“I would prove niggaz wrong but then I would be falling for the clown shit,” he wrote.

Kash was soon in for a rude awakening after AGP continued to press the issue.

‪”@KASHISMONEY HELLLOOOOOO MR.SIGMA… I’m tweeting you but you are not responding,” AGP wrote.

Kash soon unfollowed AGP after pressure grew and Twitter ignited with controversy. AGP would not let Kash off that easy.

‪”@KASHISMONEY lmao why did you unfollow?! Thought you were a sigma?! Damn perp. You are wack AF for that

“‪@KASHISMONEY prove that you are a Sigma then…nothing about you says Sigma. Everything says PERP

“‪@KASHISMONEY <--- you chose to PERP Phi Beta Sigma on their founder's day. You're bold. 1.30mins into founder's day and nothing”

Atlanta Greek Picnic then took to Instagram to alert followers of the “perp.”

“Shout out to @kashismoney ! Perping Phi Beta Sigma on Their founder’s day! Smh #Sad #Tcap #Busted” the caption read.

A disgruntled member of Zeta Phi Beta slammed the perp for disrespecting her brothers.

Un4gettable @4Ever_bSHAW wrote, “‪@kashismoney Just disrespectful. At 12am I was shouting Sigma out & I’m a soror but you’re a bruh & had NOTHING on your tl?”

“@4Ever_bSHAW he is not a Sigma. ‪@kashismoney is a fake. He thought saying Sigma would get him a follow back! Lol wack ass” AGP wrote.

Kash threatened Twitter attackers with violence telling them to meet him at “bulldog” to fight.

‪AGP called Kash’s bluff, writing, “@KASHISMONEY shut yo fake thug ass up! Ain’t nobody coming to meet you at bulldog to throw down. There’s 1 of you there’s thousands of us.

“‪@KASHISMONEY lol what you gonna do ? Beat up your frat brothers ?? Lol ‪#perp

“‪@KASHISMONEY ohhh so you wanna fight me for calling you out as a perp??? Lol you got a whole frat to worry about”

AGP attempted to rectify the situation by giving Kash the benefit of the doubt.

‪”@KASHISMONEY but real talk…. What school did you graduate from? Maybe we started off on the wrong foot

“PROVE US WRONG!!!! please do !! RT ‪@KASHISMONEY: I would prove niggaz wrong but then I would be falling for the clown shit”

The Sigma Perp scandal soon turned awkward after another Twitter user came to the Kash’s defense.

Kim @24_7kimberleii wrote, “ don’t shit stupid to prove them they probley was just just fuxking with ya.

“‪@ifeestreetz ‪@atlgreekpicnic ‪@kashismoney y’all don’t say nothing but clown on a damn social network. Y’all suppose to set an high standard

‪”@ifeestreetz ‪@atlgreekpicnic ‪@kashismoney y’all need to grow the hell up and carry on the tradition that was set out to do in the beginning”

AGP then questioned Kim, asking, “‪@24_7kimberleii hold up ms lady. What chapter/ school did your brothers pledge at?! ‪@KASHISMONEY ‪@pepperannsMilo.”

Kim replied, “‪@Atlgreekpicnic ‪@kashismoney ‪@pepperannsmilo I can ask my brothers that’s not a problem and if u want a # I can provide that too.”

‪@24_7kimberleii Since you got wind of it from your brothers.. ask them what chapter/ school since ‪@KASHISMONEY couldnt open his mouth

‪@Atlgreekpicnic ‪@kashismoney y’all can just let this go cause it can turn out to be worst all because of a miss understanding

AGP soon exposed the Kim profile as being a fake.

If I didn’t know any better, I would say ‪@24_7kimberleii account is being controlled by ‪@KASHISMONEY . lol @ her pleading for him.

AGP discovered the Kim profile is using an generic avatar which happens to all over the net. AGP even provided proof.

Epic Fail

It is safe to say @KashIsMoney goes down as the greatest perp in the history of perps. Congratulations. Thoughts anyone? Sound off below

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