Police Fatally Shoot Man on Facebook Live In Indianapolis

A man was shot and killed Wednesday by Indianapolis police on Facebook Live. Sean “DaDon” Reed recorded the incident while on a high-speed chase with police.

The shooting occurred after Reed exited his vehicle and began running. Fox59 reported Reed open first before police returned fire.

The clip starts with Reed driving his car while being chased by police.

“What street is this? I’m going to park this motherf***er and get the f*** out,” he says while driving.

He then says he’s at 62nd and Michigan streets, and “somebody come get my stupid a**. Please come get me.”

Reed parks the car with phone in hand and starts running. An officer can be heard shouting at him.

Reed then yells, “F*** you,” before he groans and collapses on ground. Gunshots soon follow.

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