Prince Eazy Challenges Montana of 300 To Rap Battle, ‘Rap God’ Responds

Is #Montanaof300 the best rapper ?? ?? #bestrapper #bestrapperalive #goat

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Montana of 300 is very cocky about his craft. Montana made bold claims days ago proclaiming himself as the best rapper alive. Montana went on to issue a challenge to rappers.

Montana wrote, “I’m the best f****n rapper there is [and] that’s facts. Put me on the same canvas (beat) as anybody [and] they a-- is toast. N****s already know tho.”

Prince Eazy heard Montana’s challenge and is stepping up to the plate.

Eazy, a master when it comes to metaphors and punchlines, told Montana to “prove” himself on his IG account.

Eazy wrote, “I got hella beats wassup. You know better. Eazy the [goat].”

Eazy’s response to Montana didn’t sit too well with the self-proclaimed “Rap God.”

Montana went on to sneak diss Eazy in a few social media posts.

“It must be ride Montana of 300’s dick week,” Montana wrote, “That’s how u know a mf ain’t winning, failing, n ain’t happy w/ their life, when they are using their life time to ride another man’s d**k.”

He added, “No Clout.”

Prince Eazy shared his “Trap Queen” remix, which is evidence of his superior rhyme skills.

Eazy again told Montana to prove himself:

“you say you the Best in CHICAGO PROVE IT. I been going hood 2 hood in ChiRaq since 12 F****N N****S UP! The STREETS OF CHICAGO KNOW HOW I GET DOWN And you do 2! LYRICALLY YOU SCARED OF ME. You a [NEW] N***a! You jus popped up outta no where 2013 so CUT IT OUT you ain’t the best S**t. And I’ll freestyle against your written. WASSUP? You better keep acting like you blind And don’t see me tagging yo a-- ION SNEAK DISS IM FROM CHICAGO 4REAL N***A. This s**t EaZY N***A You can spit but u ain’t the best. Its a lot of n****s in Chicago better than you. You got the white ppl but you ain’t making no hits Dog TAKE YO HEAD FROM OUTTA YO A--.

Eazy and Montana are both vets in the rap game. Will Montana accept Eazy’s challenge?

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