Prince Eazy Claims Lyrical Throne Of Chicago In ‘Off Probation’ Mixtape

Prince Eazy is not your average MC from the Chi. Eazy shows how versatile the Chicago Hip Hop scene is in an era of drill rap. The rapper is in a league of his own and boasts a lyrical flow that can rival any MC from Philly or New York.

The South Side Chicago rapper’s name is fitting as he makes it all look too easy in “Off Probation,” hosted by DJ Victoriouz and DJ Amaris.

Eazy left his “OG Bobby Johnson” freestyle a murder scene, rapping, “I’d run up on a n****a with a big mac that’d make a dream drop like six flags/Neck broke, jaw broke, s--- smashed/Whole head red like Sinbad/I’d f**k a n***a up when I get mad/Then make my b***h beat his b***h a--.”

Eazy has bands on bands on bands in “Ben Franklin.” He and KD Young Cocky spaz the f**k out on this joint.

KD Young Cocky anchors the track spitting impressive bars.

“I done turned nothing into something/Can’t turn a h-- into a housewife/Can’t make a snake be loyal, it just might bite like a Tyson fight,” he raps.

KD is not done there. He continues his onslaught, rapping, “I’ma young n***a that came from the bottom, you ain’t seen all the s**t that I seen/Just a young n***a chasing them commas and I ain’t worried about a thing.

“Bands on bands on bands, n***a I’m trying to get rich/No talking, no talking, no talking, cause yall ain’t talking about s**t/I’ma young n***a that came from the gutter/If it happened then it must’ve been meant,” he raps.

Eazy’s wordplay is crazy in his verse.

“Bands on bands on bands, I don’t f**k with n****s like the Klan/Catch a opp on the bus stop, spray em/Now his brains sitting on his pants,” he raps.

Eazy shockingly takes aim at his Chicago rap counterparts, rapping, “Me and KD go the hardest, these Chiraq n****s be garbage.”

Eazy wasn’t going to body his verse without name-dropping Meek Mill.

“And everybody hating on me! Cause I went crazy on Meek! Till I give em more shells than beach and have em catching bullets with their teeth…we done broke more bricks than a Sensei and my whip change colors like MJ,” he raps.

Eazy talks heartache in “I’m Ridin.” He narrates a tale of revenge after losing a brother to street violence.

“When I find out where he live, that b***h gon suffer/On folks nem, I can’t believe they killed my brother/They killed my brother, I can’t get another/I put this on my mother, I’ma kill that motherf*cker!/And hell nah, we ain’t playing/Be six deep in that van/Finna do a hit for my man/And we sipping liquor, hitting trees like Tarzan/and my momma tweaking, talking bout leave that in God’s hands.”

Eazy turns his savage up in single “Blow.”

Eazy raps, “All my n****s in this b***h throwing gang signs/And if a n***a try to pull it, I’ma aim high/You would think I’m Johnny Bravo when I bang nines/Cause my hands be doing this at the same time/I beaming hard off a flat, n****a/I’ll leave your brains in your hands, catch n***a/And I’m the motherf*****g best, n***a/You ain’t the best n****a, say it with your chest n****a.”

Eazy led an anti-Meek Mill campaign in 2013. Eazy alleges the Maybach rapper stole his signature flow.

Eazy “aint catching no p****y like Pepe Le Pew” in his Versace Remix.

Eazy rips Meek a new one, rapping, “Versace, Versace, I catch Robert Williams, I’m catching a body/For stealing my style and running with it, boy you know that you copied/He sacrifice Snupe, so he can cash out and cop a Bugatti/So it’s plain to see Meek officially joined Illuminati/Just give me a Molly, I spray his a-- down like Mr. Miyagi/Shoot Meek in the face with the 50 and shotty.”

Prince reveals rapping wasn’t his first trade in single “Trap S---.”

“I ain’t on no rap s---, b***h I’m on some trap s**t/When you was tryna rap, b***h, I was tryna wrap bricks/Money on my mind and I don’t need a cat scan cause rapping just a hobby next to robbing, Bat Man,” he raps.

Despite his claims of trapping being his number one hustle, Eazy still boasts his trademark arrogance in the rap game.

“What the f**k I gotta lie for?/I’m the hottest motherf****r in Chicago/I’m getting tired of hearing weak n****s/This for the streets n****a cause I’m a street n***a,” he raps.

But Eazy can’t talk about trappin without Trap Boss Fredo Santana. The two collaborated for the single “Cookin’ Crack.”

“I’m in the kitchen, I’m whipping/Like Jesse White, I’m flipping/Got the Maggie on me like Simpsons/And a nose on it like Pippen/That b***h so big I’m limpin/This infrared ain’t missing/Give em 33 like Pippen.”

Fredo follows, rapping, “I got 30 in my Mac, I’m just coolin in my trap/In the kitchen, whippin, remixing, I’m just cooking crack…I got workers in my trap/and they move a lot of packs/If I lose, I ain’t trippin I just know I get it back/Cause my trap doing numbers, that b***h hot like the summer/If you try to rob me, just know I got my bumper.”

Eazy’s flows can’t be ignored. One has to listen closely to get a full grasp on his sick wordplay and bars. Eazy is a key component in Chicago Hip Hop’s arsenal that proves its rap scene can go toe to toe with the industry. Money can be bet that Eazy can battle the best lyricists from the lyrical-heavy East Coast. Money can also be bet that you won’t be disappointed upon listening to this tape.

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