King Yella Unleashes Fury In ‘Yella Corleone’

King Yella is looking to get his respect in the Chi’s burgeoning rap scene. A brief prison stint kept Yella from the game, but he is now free and looking to solidify his place in the upper tier of Chicago Hip Hop.

King Yella put together an impressive catalog of music in his project “Yella Corleone,” hosted by DJ Cortez, DJ Speechless and DJ Legacy. The Bricksquad affiliate assembled some of South Side Chicago’s hottest MCs for this project to heat up the streets.

In the opening track, Yella wastes no time going after Glo Gang and OTF, particularly Chief Keef and Lil Durk. But Yella’s wrist is the main focus on this track.

In “Hurricane Wrist,” Yella raps, “Know that I be flexing, I don’t give a f**k/Catch a n***a lackin, I’ma hit em up/First day home, a n***a hit me up/But you ain’t on s**t cause you ain’t kill me f**k/Get your aim up, n***a man down/I’m in traffic everyday, you know I run this town.”

Yella is in drill mode and decided to have his turn with P. Rico’s hit song “Gladiator,” rapping, “B***h, I’m BDK, so it’s L’s down/Pull up on the Lam, get up out the Jam/OK, you got a 50, b***h I’m in a Lam/You a p***y, Yella Boy the man.”

The money, women and cars have afforded King Yella “Super Clout.” But King Yella can’t posses all of this clout alone, which is why he tapped Bo Deal, Vonte Rich and Billionaire Black for his clout-heavy single.

The single “Yella Baby” is one of the hidden gems on the tape. Yella switches up his flow and harmonizes with a sing songy flow, rapping, “I done pulled up in a Farrari/B*****s on my d**k cause I’m so icy/B***h, I’m downtown spending 20 Gs.”

Yella sought the production talents of Smylez for the club record “Turn Up.”

Yella turns up the track, rapping, “Got a lot of girls on us, watch we go up/We so insane, I’s we throw up/Yall ain’t with s---, yall need to grow up/Another man down when I pull up.”

Killa Kellz lends King Yella a feature on the tracks “Trap God” and “Noise.” The intensity in both tracks can be heard and felt.

Yella is trappin with tenacity in “Trap God,” rapping, “Never will I lose, Yella Boy’s a winner/It’s June b***h, I got it coming like it’s December/It’s Skeezy World, it’s closed we don’t need no members/This 40 for a brick, just to keep it simple/It’s 4,000 in a pound, b***h you know I’m with it.”

Yella links up with Bo Deal again for the twerk track “Shake It.” This single may soon become a stripper’s anthem as Yella raps, “I stand up in the spot and she shake it/Her a-- so fat I can’t take it/All these Remys and the Mollys got me spacing/Gon head twerk for Yella, I can make it.”

Yella taps P. Rico for “Up Now.” Interestingly, Yella includes takes a shot at Sosa in the opening seconds, streaming a snippet of the O’Block rapper’s “Macaroni Time.”

But for Yella, there isn’t a “macaroni time” because he’s up next.

Yella soon gets to work, rapping, “Macaroni, keep it on me/Try me, I keep it on me/Yella Boy keep 30, 30, so you know I’m never lonely/Yall n****s is fake and phony.”

Yella had unrivaled energy that could be felt in “Yella Corleone.” It was as if Yella unleashed bottled up aggression on each track. The project is definitely worth the download.

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