Prince Eazy Explains Chief Keef and Kanye West’s Impact On Chicago

Chief Keef and Kanye West represent two different realms of Hip Hop, but both hail from the City of Chicago. Prince Eazy sat down with Kollege Kidd to explain Sosa and Ye’s influence on the Chi.

“I probably listen to Keef more than any artist in Chicago besides myself,” he said. ‘I f**k with Keef. I know his struggle. His family and my family like this. I f***k with him. Bro doing him I’m doing me.”

Eazy collabed with Sosa on song “Cash Only.”

“I had went crazy, did my verse first,” Eazy said. “Then we sent the song to him, he liked the s**t. He jumped on there. But he couldn’t do the video where we wanted him to do it at cause he was on house arrest at the time. So we end up going to his grandma s**t, and he did it there, showed love.”

Eazy said he has nothing but respect for Sosa.

“I take my hat off to bro cause bro opened the door,” he said. “He brung that light to where it needed to be. Ye was doing him, but Ye was speaking for the backpack rappers. At one point Ye was speaking for me too. Cause when he was spitting that, ‘F**k that police, that’s how I treat em. We buy our way out of jail, but we can’t buy freedom.’ I used to love that Ye.”

He continued, “Keef most definitely brung the light back to n****s who was out here really grinding, rapping about what we see.”

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