Queens Rapper Rich Roman Will Be Releasing His 2nd Mixtape & Launching His Production Company The Same Day

Since the release of his 1st Mixtape “Rich Thoughts,” Rich Roman has been quiet until A few weeks ago. He released a new cover for an EP titled “Dreams From The Ave.” About 2 weeks ago, he stated he would be launching his own Production Company called Clock Structure Music. In a Q/A with Kollege Kidd, Rich Roman talks about his artistry, life and upcoming projects.

Kollege Kidd: How did you come up with your ideas?

Rich Roman: I was going to put out a project regardless around this time, but this project made me think outside the box. I had tons of ideas for my next project…I wanted it to be an EP to follow up from “Rich Thoughts”..but around late August..things got hectic.

Kollege Kidd: What happened?

Rich Roman: I took a few Ls & I was down for a bit, but it propelled me to put the pain in the music instead of giving up. I actually thought about giving up, but I went to Rikers to visit a friend to share my thoughts with. My friend Shane reminded me about the things I achieved & how far I’ve come. He said “Remember where we came from & where we trying to go.” Seeing the look on his face, I knew he really wanted me to win because all he does is joke. H said I was too smart to just rap and to think outside the box.

Kollege Kidd: What transpired from that conversation with Shane?

Rich Roman: I always wanted to be my own CEO. One night I was at the studio & came up with Clock Structure. Clock Structure represents “No Time Wasted” and reminded me on how things get done on time. If not, the person working just as hard will get the prize before you do. It’s all about hustle & pace.. i you ask me.

Kollege Kidd: That’s a good mindset to have. What happened after you implemented that strategy?

Rich Roman: After I Got Back In Sync, the depressing moments I faced forced me to write songs such as “Deck Of Cards,” “Interceptions,” and “Broken Wings” which will be featured On The EP. I feel like them Ls helped now that I look at it. Before I was kinda playing around, but now I wanna mix the story telling & show people whats really going on & how I feel rather than sugercoating the real. “Dreams From The Ave” means more than an EP if you ask me. It’s a reminder on not to fall face flat, keep pushing forward & don’t look back.

Kollege Kidd: Sounds good. It sounds like you’re in the right frame of mind to achieve your goals in Hip Hop.

The 7-Track EP features production From Sxpply Beats & many more. With no features, the Queens rapper is showing us what he has in store & what he brings to the Table. The project is set to drop January 4th 2018.

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