Ralo Roasts The Police After Getting Pulled Over

#ralo and gang roast the police ?

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Ralo was stopped by police for reasons unknown in Atlanta Sunday night. Ralo found time to make light of what could’ve been a serious situation by cracking some jokes on the officers.

“They be at home like, ‘Damn, I ain’t ever gon make it in life. Like how you ever gon make some money off this s**t,’” Ralo said. “I think if you arrest somebody, that s**t like murder. You killing somebody. His bum a-- probably make 45-$48K a year. He gotta say, ‘Yes sir, no sir’ to him. He might as well come work for me.”

Ralo told fans he is constantly harassed by police for driving a luxury vehicle. Ralo wrote in his IG caption, “Everytime the police see me in the hood they pull me over for no f—— reason, illegally search my car without probable cause, an give me tickets for s--- I didn’t even know existed in the law book. I be scared to even drive my cars down the street cuz I know I’m finna get harassed. They ask us to abide by the laws but they break an twist every law they enforce. We ain’t did s--- wrong, so why da f— they always messing wit us???”

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