Rara From ‘Love Sosa’ Intro Threatens Young Chop For Not Paying Him

Dude from #chiefkeef #lovesosa intro trippin ? #youngchop

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Chief Keef’s “Love Sosa” intro goes down as one of the most iconic intros in Hip Hop history. Rara is credited with creating the hilarious intro.

Rara recently took to social media to threaten the track’s producer, Young Chop, for not paying him using his sound byte.

Rara wrote on Twitter, “If young chop don’t pay me for being love Sosa intro @youngchopbeatz his ass funna get chopped up. I’ll make sure he the first producer to get hurt behind this chiraq era s**t. I’m really out here in this s**t, fat b***h. I’ll take yo mama chain off yo neck and put my mama pic in it.”

Sosa has yet to give his take on the matter. Watch Chief Keef’s “Love Sosa” music video below:

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