Rich Homie Quan Wants To Work With Young Thug Again

Rich Homie Quan is open to having a conversation with Young Thug again. He sat down with the Durtty Boyz to discuss whether he would collab with Thugga again. Here’s what he had to say:

“Anything is possible. It’s open. I wouldn’t be against it. As long as it made sense. It’s always been with the people that made it to be. To this day, me and bro still ain’t have no conversation about that. Even if the conversation happen, I don’t know which turn the conversation would take. I’m all ears for the conversation. I ain’t gon lie..we got big egos man. The people will create something that it’s not or make it bigger than what it is. You done made so much money, I done made so much money..Egos so high, we ain’t even on that. I’m all ears for the conversation. I don’t know where it would go after that, but I’m all ears for the conversation. A lot of those decisions we made were over 5 or 6 years ago. I’m older enough now, we can sit down and talk about it..If that’s what you wanna do or not. I respect that also. I’m all ears for the conversation. The conversation gonna let you know where everything go after that. It’s gonna give the introduction.” -Rich Homie Quan

Yall ready for a Quan and Thug record?

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