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Rico Recklezz Spits Hellfire In ‘Rico Don’t Shoot Em 2: Back From Hell’ (Review)

The past few years of Rico’s life have been turbulent. The South Side Chicago artist recently regained his freedom after serving some time in prison for possession of firearms. But Rico is back on the scene with a different level of fiery passion like never before. Fans should be honored because he’s going crazy for you guys. Rico immediately immerse himself back into the studio upon his release from prison. It was letters from fans and encouragement from OGs while in prison that sparked his fiery comeback. Rico titled his latest project “Rico Don’t Shoot Em 2: Back From Hell” for two reasons. His first project set him on a path for underground fame. It was only right he prep a sequel. A lot of convicts compare prison to hell. Recklezz is a monster that made it out hell. He made sure to bring some hellfire back with him. Recklezz spazzes on this project with straight flame. This is evident in his opening RiccoOnTheBeat-produced record.

Recklezz is in raw form as he raps, “Can’t f*ck with these n*ggas cause they b*tch made/They a stab you in the back like switch blade/Run up on me, I’m a add you to the murder rate.”

Are you sweating yet? Be sure to wipe yourself with a towel before continuing.

Recklezz keeps the temperature cranked in song “DOA” as he raps, “Same n*gga post on the block with the 50 cocked now I’m on the tv/And I’m with yo thot getting hella top say she ain’t gotta GED.”

It’s all about the mula for Rico Recklezz. The Wuga World native is chasing a “Mil Ticket” in his Joe Dirt and Deezy production.

Recklezz’s eyes are on checking a bag as he raps, “Where the mil ticket, I get to the mula/My diamonds from Africa, my b*tch is from Cuba/My gun is from Russia, it blow like a tuba.”

Rico Reckless need that. He’s not asking. He’s taking it by force. Recklezz stains this record, rapping, “Yup, I needed that. On the block where them heaters at/Run up on me, that’s a brain splat/Hollow tips like a train wreck/Same n*ggas, I ain’t gon change that/We some Undertakers, where the Kane at? I’m a ‘Menace II Society’ n*gga and this the sh*t that got Caine whacked.”

Rico is a trapper. He brought along his fellow “Trap-o-holics” Bo Deal and MBAM Mazzi for his TimmyDaHitman production.

Recklezz starts this track, rapping, “Fiends at the door cause they know my bags bigger/Send my shorty to the store, so he can get some swishers/Bad b*tches in my line cause they wanna kick it/Keep my name in they d*ck suckers cause they all in my mentions.”

Bo Deal follows Recklezz, rapping, “We at the table shaking up a (bun?), whipping coke so hard, I damn near sprained my arm/My shorties selling more green than what’s on your lawn.”

Mazzi finishes this record, rapping, “Turn my stove, turn my savage up, I’m finna double up/Box Chevy with the candy paint, I say smell it up/Choppers with them AKs and them SKs/Street sweeper, b*tch I’m finna hit me lick.”

Recklezz again links up with Mazzi in “RRMBAM.” Recklezz and Mazzi give listeners that Recklezz Renegade MBAM ish.

Recklezz gets right to it in his Protégé Beats production, rapping, “Gon head an blow something b*tch/Feds come, we don’t know nothing b*tch/Suck some d*ck, your p*ssy ain’t on sh*t, b*tch/On the block with that 30 clip/You looking scared, you gon tell some sh*t.”

Mazzi follows, rapping, “My name is Mazerati, b*tch/My chopper hold a hundred shells in the clip/I’m from the Wild Hundreds, b*tch/Down in here, we a take a n*gga sh*t/Shout out Mouse, Top Shatta, Lil Flip.”

Recklezz also again tapped Bo Deal for some more heat. It’s wartime for Recklezz and Bo so they’re ready to “Show Out” in this TimmyDaHitman production.

Recklezz raps, “It’s wartime in my city, b*tch, nobody safe/You can wear a vest, but me, I’m aiming for your face/Grab the eight, now I’m coming to where you stay/Bullets ricochet.”

Bo follows Recklezz, rapping, “Hit your block with that hundred round and show out/N*gga lacking, let the hollow smack him and roll out/Heat a n*gga grill, hot head n*gga cold out.”

My favorite record on the project is “Fan Something.” This Lil Rico-produced record will definitely get your adrenaline pumping. Recklezz bars are just as hype.

He raps, “N*gga run up on me then I swear to g-d I’ma fan something/And if he didn’t die, probably cause my gun done jammed on him/No sandwich, but the cheese I go ham on em.”

Rico Recklezz and I.L Will made the hot the track “Wilin” in 2013. The rest is history. It’s an event when Rico Recklezz and I.L Will get together on a track. Recklezz and I.L linked up on this project on song “Havin Sh*t.” With Smylez on the beat, listeners should know there in for some good music.

Recklezz hits this record, rapping, “That kush I be blowing; driving, tryna text this b*tch/I know I’m cool cause a n*gga got a icy neck and wrist/She wanna f*ck, but I only want some neck little b*tch.”

I.L raps, “Went to sleep, I had a dream about a brick/Riding in a foreign with a foreign b*tch/I got long blunts, I got long clips/You ain’t getting money, you ain’t having sh*t.”

Recklezz gets personal on this project weighing in on the “Violence” in his hometown of Chicago in track 17. Recklezz acknowledges the destruction, hurt and pain it is causing to families in his TimmyDaHitMan production. Recklezz expresses sympathy with mothers who lost children to it. Recklezz apologizes to mothers for promoting violence, but says he is only telling his story. Recklezz says he doesn’t condone violence, but he still has to protect himself.

Recklezz raps, “I’m from the struggle/I’m just tryna tell me story/That sh*t that I been through/I ain’t tryna influence your shorty/I can’t put the glock down cause these n*ggas, they be lurking/Cause if I get caught lacking, then my mama gon be hurting.”

Rico is living in a “ChiRecklezz” kind of world. Rico dares you to come inside of his domain. But only if you’re brave enough.

Recklezz goes off on his Ronnie Bangz production, rapping, “A lot of robberies, a lot of homicides, my momma said I ain’t living right/Rico Recklezz, I keep the pipe and I flip a n-gga like Jesse White/What the f-ck I look like tryna fight, I a have a n-gga fighting for his life.”

Rico Recklezz is in his moment. Music is life. Recklezz breathed not only life, but fire into this DJ Cortez and DJ Louie V-hosted project. Not many artists underground get an opportunity at greatness. Many artists would love to have a fanbase and support. Those who do have the clout, somehow end up throwing it away. Recklezz is a different caliber of artist. He’s thankful for his blessings and shows his appreciation by staying busy in the studio and cranking out bangers. Rico made “Rico Don’t Shoot Em 2” available for download via iTunes. Fans can also download and stream project below.

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