Mixtape Review: Sasha Go Hard- ‘Feels So Good’

Sasha Go Hard is on top of the world at this point in her rap career. She has done shows overseas in Europe and is a dominating presence in her hometown of Chicago. This is perhaps the reasoning for her DJ MoonDawg-hosted third solo mixtape “Feels So Good.”

Sasha sets the tone for the entire tape with a hard crushing lyrical assault on track “Facts,” a Timmy Da Hitman production.

She raps, “I done had enough of holding in/The new is gone, the old is in/They said that Sasha is not hot,the probably right, the coldest wind/You n*ggas aiming for the fame, but b*tch I aiming for the green/Your closest friends a will f*ck your man,so watch em never trust again.”

Sasha is feeling good and in her zone in song “We Ballin.” Bo Deal even helps Sasha ball hard on this track.

Sasha raps, “I know they talking, but still I don’t hear em/Even n-ggas hate on me, but I swear I don’t fear em/I am in a zone off patrone, don’t feel em/I’m overseas touring with no deal, I’m not near em.”

Nicki Minaj and Lil Herb got the City going crazy after the release of her viral hit track “Chiraq.” The single has spurred multiple artists in and out of Chicago to record their own mixes and freestyles.

Sasha, a Hyde Park native, even repped for her hometown with her very own Chiraq-titled track. But she decided not to use the same beat.

She hit her Haz On The Beat-produced track, rapping, “F*ck what you say about me, b***h, I’m the sh*t/Talking about money, you broke as a b*tch/Head to the toe, it’s designer and sh*t,” she raps.

She goes on to proclaim Chicago her hometown, rapping, “Chiraq my city, I’m in it, I’m home.”

Sasha feels so good on this tape that one of her tracks bears the title of her mixtape. She tapped California rapper Lil Debbie to help her celebrate life as she raps, “I’m feeling good and plus everything on me looking right/Headed out my ladies, man we son f-cking fly/We the light how we shining on all these other guys.”

Sasha and her beau I.L Will ride for each other in their collaborative track “For You.”

Sasha holds I.L down, rapping, “I know you got your own money/With your own car/Boy, you a star/We can go far/I’ll ride for you/I will die for you/I will care for you/Do things that your b-tch scared to do.”

Sasha Go Hard lets listeners know why she grinds so hard in track “My Story.” She brings her fans into her world, rapping, “Who ever thought I be doing shows on the road/Getting flown overseas with no deal for some dough/They wonder why I’m always writing bars about my life/But getting through the struggle keep me smiling every night.”

Sasha linked up again with I.L Will on track “WTF” where she raps, “All I do is get bread, count while I get head/Ain’t never gave a f-ck what a bum b-tch said/Too much cheese in the way like mac/If a b-tch mouth running like a track, get smacked.”

Sasha recorded the perfect track for all the independent misses of the world. Sasha puts on for all of her “Single, Pretty and Paid” sistas.

Sasha is feeling herself, rapping, “Single, pretty and paid/Single, pretty and paid/If you ain’t talking cake, then move out my way/He all in my face, he all in my space/Pay these n-ggas no attention, tell them makes.”

Sasha Go Hard and Plies don’t have time for the games. The Chicago femcee collaborated with the Florida MC for the track “Don’t Need Em,” A Ricco On Tha Beat production.

Sasha raps, “Even if you get the time of day just know I do not need you/A n***a quick to lie is no disguise, you n****s see through/That’s why I need at least twom the closest one a leave you.

Plies raps, “I’m sick and tired of you cute, broke Instagrammin a-- h*es/Ain’t rawin none of you b****s/Won’t have me right here on child support/I ain’t gon wife you b***h or cuff you b***h, but I will f*ck you though.”

Sasha gets white boy-wasted in single “Out The Bottle,” a Diplo production. She raps, “Drinking out the bottle got me turnt, I swear to god I’m in it/I’m super hero if I got it I’ma spend it/Sasha dance got me in it/I’m gone, head spinning.”

Sasha is feeling good right now because she is illuminated by positive energy. Her journey on the music scene has taken out of her Hyde Park community to experience different cultures around the world. The sky is the limit for Sasha. There is no telling where her talents will take her at this point. Sasha is feeling good and has no time for negativity. Sasha was gracious enough to let fans get a taste of her euphoric high. She is on her zone and was effective in spreading those positive vibes in her latest tape.

Stream Sasha Go Hard’s “Feels So Good” below.

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