Low Blow? Seth Rogen Insults Chris Brown

Everybody sure does hate Chris. The guy can’t catch a break these days.

Country singer Miranda Lambert threatens woman beaters like Chris Brown will see barrel of her rifle. Wrestle CM Punk wants to slam Chris’ face into the wrestling mat.

Now comedian and actor Seth Rogen has a few choice words for the “Yeah x3” singer. The famed star of “40 Year Old Virgin” took the stage at the Independent Spirit Awards last weekend and expressed his thoughts on The Grammy’s and Breezy.

“The Grammys… seem much more forgiving than the Oscars altogether… Seriously, if you say a few hateful things, they don’t let you within 100 feet of the Oscars. You could literally beat the s--- out of a nominee and thay ask you to perform twice at the Grammys.”

So much animosity.

Rihanna seems to have forgiven Brown. Why can’t everyone else?

The two singers recently linked on song for a remix to Rihanna’s birthday cake.

Brown hasn’t responded to Rogen’s remarks yet. But with Twitter in Brown’s arsenal, only time will tell.

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