Shyne On President Obama: ‘My president ain’t black!’

Shyne is fed up.

The “Gangland” rapper went on a passionate tirade calling on President Obama to address the murder rate in Chicago.

Chicago’s homicide rate soared 16 percent in 2012 totaling 506 murders, according to Red Eye Chicago.

In 2013, there have already been 18 homicides thus far.

The Windy City is on pace to reach 730 homicides this year, according to NBC Chicago.

“I never cry I never get emotional but I can’t handle the fact that babies are killing each other in Chicago& Philly& NY & Cali ‪@BarackObama,” Shyne wrote.

More than 250 shooting victims were under the age of 17 since 2007, according to Red Eye Chicago.

The city has earned the name “ChIraq” amongst its urban youths. Chicago, according to statistics, has a higher homicide rate than Kabul, Afghanistan.

Shyne is advocating education, job training and employing to curb the social inequalities gripping Chicago’s urban community

“Malcolm X was a pimp from Detroit but he redeemed himself thru G-d & education! My past does not bar me from wanting better for the babies!

“A ban on assault weapons solves nothing! Education job training & employment is the answer! ‪@BarackObama”

Shyne took his criticisms further by questioning Obama’s blackness.

Obama, he said, is just another politician.

“I wouldcall anypresident to taskfornot helpingButI find itdisgusting thatwe havea presidentwho could’vebeen one ofthe bodiesbut he don’thelp

“My president ain’t black! ‪@BarackObama is just another politrician that doesn’t care about blacks browns & poor whites!”

Shyne honored Martin Luther King on his birthday by advocating more leaders to follow his lead. Shyne also acknowledged Obama not having a magic wand to fix Chicago, but said there is no excuse for his silence.

“I wish our leaders today followed the ways of Dr king! ‪@BarackObama doesn’t have a magic wand but his silence on Chicago says it all ‪#help,” he wrote.

Shyne then tweeted two Marvin Gaye songs that are very pertinent to the social issues affecting the country to this day.

Marvin Gaye “Whats Going On” (1971): ‪ ‪@barackobama ‪#help ‪#chicago ‪#philly ‪#NY ‪#Cali ‪#detroit All the inner cities

Marvin Gaye – Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler): ‪ ‪@barackobama ‪#help

Does Shyne have a point? Why hasn’t Obama addressed the murder rate in Chicago? Sound off below.

Listen to Marvin Gaye ‘What’s Going On?’ below

Listen to Marvin Gaye ‘Inner City Blues (Makes Me Wann a Holler)’ below

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