Smoke Purrp Admits Him And Lil Pump Got ‘Esketit’ From Chiraq

Smoke Purrp confirmed the origins of “Eseketit” during his sit-down interview with XXL for the “Who Am It” segment.

“Me and Pump, all we listened to is Drill Chicago music,” Purrp said. “They were always like, ‘Let’s get it.’ But then we were like, ‘F**k the L. N***a esketit.’ You feel me? We was just out there like that. We ain’t think it was gon catch on to people. S**t caught on quick. I just start putting it on my Instagram. Then people starting catching on. Then Pump started putting it on his Instagram, and people started catching on. It just got big, and now it’s everywhere.”

Lil Jay threatened to smack Lil Pump in July for swagger jacking his “Let’s Get It” moniker during a video call from Cook County Jail.

“I’m gon smack [him] when I get out,” Clout Lord said. “If he ain’t repping the ‘free Double O,’ don’t say none of my s**t.”

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