SOB X RBE Reveal Not Leaving The Hood Hindered Their Progression

SOB X RBE open up on the worst piece of advice they ever got with Nick Cannon in the Morning. Check out below:

“That’s some of the most bullshit. Ima just keep it lit. That’s bullshit. You can give back to the hood. You can love the hood. You can come some through and all that, but that don’t mean you gotta stay here and risk your life for these people. At the end of the day, half the time whoever kill you or if you die or whatever..they not gon get on him, they not gonna do nothing about it. they just gonna rip you, put you on t-shirt, put you in a song and they gonna go do what they gotta do cuz they gotta pay they bills tomorrow. they not finna stop what they got goin on to not pay they bills and take care of what they doing. When you make it out, you bringing the odds or the possibility for more people from that section to be able to make it out to provide more opportunities for more people. If everybody getting a chance, you got the chance to take it to the top, but instead you just stop and its like naw “my n----- aint gonna respect me no more.” They gonna say “naw, I aint real no more/” if I become the next jay-z or diddy. As long as you looking out, you should be able to go get your money and go live your life. I feel like that’s probably the worst advice.”

“We were more into the streets than caring about the music. We was giving our energy too much into the wrong things. We was giving our energy into the streets. If you listen to our music, you would hear a lot of death. That’s what we was really facing everyday. There was a lot of close calls in this process.”

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