Soulja Boy Confirms There Is No Beef With Chief Keef

Soulja Boy is not beefing with Chief Keef. Soulja previewed an upcoming song that contained questionable lyrics. In the clip, Soulja raps, “Let it bang like Chief Keef, that n***a so broke. All of his cars got repo’d.”

Soulja took to IG to clarify the matter. He posted snapshot of himself FaceTiming Tadoe.

Soulja wrote, “I usually never address the rumors but Glo Gang is my family and we ain’t never Beefin about shit In my new Song I shouted out Sosa not sneak diss. Blogs need to stop reaching.”

Soulja went on to post another IG post, which featured a snapshot of himself FaceTiming Sosa.

The caption on his post read, “Already talked to Otto last night. Me and Sosa talk damn near everyday ain’t no beef stop reaching y’all know how we rockin. #SODGLO.”

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