Stevie Wonder Offers List of Issues America Should Focus On

Stevie Wonder officially endorsed Barack Obama for the presidency. There are a variety of issues the “Cherie Amour” singer thinks should be the focus in America.

In an interview with V-103’s Frank and Wanda Morning Show, Wonder said a list of issues that would improve America would be race relations, climate change and environmental protection, guns and same-sex marriage rights.

“The color thing is really a problem,” he told V-103/Atlanta. “People who are spewing hate, that’s an issue.

“The way that we are killing our planet, that’s number two,” he said. “I think we really need to have more love for our planet.”

Wonder said the gun law issue needs to be addressed in the country.

“Clearly, we need to deal with gun laws in this country,” he said, according to V-103. “We are so quick to say ‘I guess that was God’s will.’ No it was the will of the person who did it. And we just pray that the person who died is in God’s will.”

Wonder’s final issue had to deal with the same-sex marriage controversy.

“It’s like saying, ‘I only want you to have sex this way or at this time.’ The government can’t control that. Most of all, love and let love and live.”

To read rest of the interview, head over to V-103 CBS Local by clicking here.

Listen to Stevie Wonder’s “Keep Moving Forward” Below.

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