Hilary Clinton Caused Deputy White House Counsel to Commit Suicide

Author Ron Kessler, a former investigative reporter for The Washington Post, revealed in his book “The Secrets of the FBI” that a Hilary Clinton taunt might have caused a Deputy White House Counsel’s death.

Vince Foster was a Deputy White House Counsel under then-president Bill Clinton in his first term. But performing his job is what led to his early demise.

A week before Foster’s death, he had a meeting with White House aides. This meeting led the president’s wife to ridicule Foster.

“She called him a small town hick lawyer and he’d never make it in the big time because she disagreed with some legal opinion he had given,” Kessler said.

Kessler remarks Foster’s “behavior went downhill from there” and that he “became very withdrawn.”

“He would break into tears easily,” Kessler said. “A week later he committed suicide.”

“FBI concluded his death was triggered by his meeting with Hilary Clinton.”

Watch Ron Kessler discuss his book below

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