Swagg Dinero Says Lil JoJo’s Death and Chiraq Violence Inspired ‘Holocaust’ Song

In 2013, Swagg Dinero scorched the underground music scene with his hot record “Holocaust.”

Nero opened up on what inspired the song during an exclusive interview with Kollege Kidd.

“I was locked up when I wrote that song,” Nero said. “That was just one of them songs – how I was feeling about bro at the time – I just damn near took my time wrote that s**t for real. Took my time on that song. It’s more about the city, too. How we all killing each other. It’s like a Holocaust. It’s a holocaust with gang bangers.”

Nero wanted to provide listeners a first-hand account on how he felt about the death of JoJo.

“Let people feel how I felt for a second,” he continued. “That song, I just basically walked the world through how I felt when my bro got shot. I went into detail how packed the emergency room was. How I felt personally.”

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