Tadoe Brings Drama In ‘Thotties Thoinkz & Joints’ Album (Review)

Tadoe needs no introduction. The Glo Gang member’s name rings bells. Tadoe became an instant celebrity after Chief Keef name-dropped him in hit song “Don’t Like.” Tadoe has since released several singles, but fans wondered if he could deliver on a full project. Tadoe announced in April he would give fans his debut mixtape-turned album titled “Thotties Thoinkz & Joints.” Tadoe’s title has special meaning to him. Tadoe’s life revolves around three things- ‘Thotties Thoinkz & Joints.” Technically, thoinkz and joints are the same thing, so let’s say Tadoe has his mind only on women- thots and Mary Jane.

Tadoe opens his project with his album-titled record “Thotties Thoinkz & Joints.” In this track, we learn thotties and dope aren’t the only things that consume Tadoe’s life. You can also add foreign vehicles to the list. Tadoe and song feature Chief Keef are in drill mode on this record.

Tadoe raps, “Disrespect the squad c--- it back we gone point/You want beef it’s more annoyance, smoking on this Thoink/Trappin on the block never lackin we on point.”

Sosa follows, rapping, “I send my shootas through, and they gone damage you/They got hella 30 shots and they got 50s too/Say I’m broke, gone head tell that lie my chain gone tell the truth.”

Tadoe only hangs with gang members. Anywhere he goes, you can expect him to have gang in that b-tch. Tadoe is likely to get ignant when he’s out with the crew.

“Gang in this b-tch, gang in this b-tch/We do out thang in this b-tch, thang in this b-tch/Make it rain in this b-tch, rain in this b-tch/Bullets rain out this clip, rain out this clip.”

Tadoe’s fellow Glo Gang member Capo is also on some trash on this record. He raps, “Thirty hang on my hip, gang in this b-tch/When Glo Gang came hang in this b-tch, hang in this b-tch/Shoot at my whip I’m aiming and sh-t.”

Tadoe is ready for “Battle.” Think he’s playing? Well, he’s not playing. He is stocked up on heavy artillery and ready to use it. He raps, “Sneak diss you get fanned quicker/40. Or FN, n-gga. AKs hit ya chin, n-gga/Back flip Jackie Chan, n-gga/Kill you and your friend, n-gga.”

As stated earlier, thotties are a major part of Tadoe’s life. Tadoe has videos to prove it. Thotties just happen to love them some Tadoe. They can’t get enough of him.

Tadoe raps, “Cause she can’t get enough/She wanna roll with us cause we cash out on stuff/And they know them racks on us, don’t tweak with us/Cause you know them gats on us, you play with us/We gon have the tec, we rush.”

BallOut and Sosa also draw attention from the females.

Bally raps, “She said she can’t get enough/I BallOut be creasing her, freaking her, deep in her/But BallOut know she a s---, I be counting plenty bucks/Flexing pull up, Beamer trucks.”

Sosa follows, rapping, “I be sh-tting on my ex b-tch, you know I had to do that/I’m the youngest n-gga flexing, you know I had to prove that/All these b-tches love Chief Sosa, but you already know that.”

Tadoe silenced skeptics who felt he wasn’t ready for a full project. But Tadoe does give fans what we’d expect from him as far as drill music goes. In future releases, I’d hope he could try something different and surprise us. Nonetheless, this project will be a favorite for anyone craving some good ol fashion drill. Head over to iTunes to download project.

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